Scuba Tours Worldwide re-brand

blue o two logo

Take a look at the latest press release from Scuba Tours Worldwide:

Scuba Tours Worldwide were acquired by blue o two, the UK's largest scuba diving tour operator, back in January 2015. They went on to incorporate the blue o two Red Sea fleet into their portfolio and add MV French Polynesia Master to their ever-popular Exclusive Tours programme. In the Maldives, MY blue Voyager joined their existing and much loved liveaboard, MV Sea Spirit. 
Under blue o two management Scuba Tours Worldwide were also able to bring to fruition a long held dream - the launch of a new and adventurous itinerary for MV Sea Spirit. This pioneering '21 day Ultimate Expedition' cruises the entire length of the Maldives and offers an amazing wide variety of diving. 
“The acquisition has proven to be hugely beneficial to Scuba Tours Worldwide” said their spokesperson, Graham Tyte.
At the end of last year, blue o two announced that they were in the final stages of a merger with Worldwide Dive and Sail.  “The merger of these two businesses will create a leading player in the dive industry” said Graham “and, with this expansion imminent, the timing is right for Scuba Tours Worldwide to re-brand as blue o two”.
The Scuba Tours Worldwide team will become the Suffolk office for blue o two … and the message is ‘business as usual’, just with a different logo!