Dive & Sea the Hebrides’ new website lands with ‘2020 Vision’ Survey

We are delighted to announce, that finally, our new website is live. After 30+ years, we are fortunate to have so much media to include, that this website re-launch took MUCH longer to assimilate than anticipated; BUT that’s a good problem, and we have you to thank for your generous contributions. It may need a few tweaks and it will evolve, but we hope you enjoy it at

The pages are jam packed with colour and inspiring images, many provided by you, so grab yourself a quick escape and enjoy a virtual expedition now.

WELCOME, is naturally a pictorial portal and inspiration to explore all other pages, where you will find fantastic insight into what a DiveSkye expedition has to offer. THE DIVING, is obviously awesome and here you’ll discover all you need to know about the underwater landscape, currents, temp & visibility, marine life and a glimpse into some favourite dive sites – and you will love these! Perhaps the best pages are MEDIA & REVIEWS, where magazine reviews, customer and journalist comments, customer photos and videos, and hopefully a lot of memories and laughs are shared; you might even spot yourself. EXPEDITIONS, outlines the different trip opportunities that are available for clubs, small groups and buddy pairs.

Lastly but importantly at this time, our NEWS & CHAT page, highlights topical points of interest, some of which are on FACEBOOK too. Recently, this is where we have been exploring ways to develop our ‘2020 VISION planning for the future’ project and another 30 years of DiveSkye!

So what’s that all about?

Well fairly quickly it seemed obvious that to take Dive & Sea the Hebrides into the next generation, that you the diver must be involved in shaping that evolution. Your participation is essential – it’s a no brainer really!

While bubbling ideas about, we started considering the changes we have seen in the 32 years since we first started Hebridean Diving Services (our original name…….) it’s astounding when you think back! Do you remember when divers made their own wetsuits and shore dived? When an adventurous diving day was a dive from a rapidly deflating club inflatable a hundred metres or so from shore? We hear the ‘jaw drop’ of the younger generation …. yes really divers did that, but always in the knowledge that they could swim back to shore if it all went wrong! Thankfully times have changed! There are more diving opportunities than we could have imagined back then, and as they keep changing, so do we. But before we change again, we need to know that we are going to get it right; what changes you would want to see and if they are genuinely sustainable. So, now is the time to have your say!  What do you think and what do you want? We have just launched our ‘Dive & Sea the Hebrides 2020 vision’ survey online and we hope you will participate. You can find it linked through Looking to the future, please help us to get it right!

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